Improve profitability of your restaurant AND the lives of your employees

Define business success in terms your team already understands

Make progress easy to track and understand

Give them a financial stake in improving business outcomes

Increase profitability of the business and the lives of the employees who drive them

Is This “Open-Book Management"?

Perhaps you have heard about Open-Book Management, the basic ideas that underpin our methods. People think Open-Book Management means showing your books to everyone. Well, we have learned that showing your financials to everyone is a waste of time. It just takes too much schooling. Even if they learn finance, most employees struggle to relate formal accounting reports to their jobs. We’ll show you how to engage your employees using language they already know. Our approach lets you tap the team’s collective intelligence and drive results quickly.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste.

This quote, attributed to various diplomatic and political leaders, is on point for all of us in 2020. Now is the time to take the driver’s seat. Now is the time to strengthen any and all of your agreements because your customers, your suppliers, your team, your banker, your landlord, everyone is feeling vulnerable and uncertain. As a consequence, this is a time when your leadership, your flexibility and your emphasis on collaboration will be valued and rewarded. We are assisting operators to learn from your customers what they value most and to craft win/win strategy proposals to landlords, banks and most importantly, your own team. You need everyone to be confident you have a plan to thrive that includes thoughtful consideration of your customers and of all your stakeholders’ personal and financial well being.