The Rethink Intensive


Now Enrolling for our Spring and Fall Intensive Program!

Imagine if your entire team thought about your restaurant the way you do.  They see and care about waste.  They realize that your current reputation determines your future success.  They come to work, not to fulfill a list of tasks, but to work side by side with you in running a great service.  Your managers act like leaders and inspire the front lines and each other.  While for many restaurateurs this sounds like fiction, we know it can be true – because we’ve seen our clients make it a reality.  Enrolling in an upcoming Intensive can get you there too.

The Rethink Restaurants Intensive Program
The program, built from our learnings over our first 5 years of operation, combines the most powerful elements of our Rethink Restaurants program and a vast set of tools and systems to help your restaurant succeed.

  • A great fit for Restaurant Owners and Managers
  • Sessions available starting in May and September, 2020
  • Classes held in Somerville at the Rethink offices
  • Eight 4-hour workshops followed by 12 months of dedicated support
  • Want to learn more?  Request a copy of the Rethink Intensive Syllabus

The Intensive provides exceptional value for operators interested in Open-Book Management and for traditional restaurateurs seeking the tools to run a successful business in today’s evolving market.  And because the training is delivered with other participating businesses, you’ll also build your local peer network.

The Intensive will:

  • Deliver a proven road map to increase profitability
  • Give you tools to help take your business from Reactive to Proactive management
  • Create a culture of “Ownership Thinking” in your business

Our January session is fully subscribed but we do have limited space for our remaining 2020 Intensives, scheduled to begin in May and September.  If you would like to learn more, please contact us below for a meeting.