Our Vision

At Rethink Restaurants, we look forward. We’ve adopted the Zingerman’s approach to Visioning both for our clients and for ourselves. Here’s where we expect Rethink Restaurants to be in the year 2020:

  • Five years ago we set out to be a thought leader and to impact the landscape of foodservice management in Boston and beyond. As 2020 arrives, it is evident to all we have accomplished our basic goals. So far over two dozen foodservice businesses have implemented an Open-Book Strategy with our guidance. Countless more have done so with our encouragement, and more still with the help of others or on their own.
  • Our client restaurants are performing at a high level financially. They routinely exceed the basic health benchmark we embrace of 10% net operating profit. They rode the wave for the years of economic growth and are prepared to weather the storm of economic contraction. The Boston market became over-saturated and the strongest of our clients are making great deals on facilities and equipment.
  • Our clients are highly participatory businesses who engage their teams and develop their skills. They approach business not as adversaries in a win/lose game, but rather as collaborators committed to enriching the lives of all the stakeholders of their enterprise. They strive to generate Good Profit, avoid Bad Profit and understand the difference. Their teams work to develop an annual plan, forecast and measure their performance throughout the year and improve and optimize all aspects of their business.
  • Their balance sheets show that these businesses are secure and increasingly valuable, and the staff members at these Open-Book businesses have higher job satisfaction, higher pay and a better quality of life than their counterparts at other foodservice businesses. Many are lauded for their competent, enthusiastic service to guests. Suppliers compete for their business and real estate developers seek to house their expansions.
  • We have grown to influence others around the country. Not only do we have two years of reservations by local clients who wish to implement our training programs, but we have licensed stellar performing Rethink consultants in three other markets: X, Y and of course Z. We have also partnered with other thought leaders like The Table Group, Zingerman’s, Tasty Catering and the Great Game of Business to develop training programs and conference workshops to further educate our industry brethren.
  • As Open-Book Strategy is our primary focus, most of our attention is there day-to-day. The team keeps finding new ways to integrate foodservice industry best practices with Open-Book concepts, enriching our unique offering. We routinely share emerging ideas, develop better course content and methods, and grow instructors into true Foodservice Open-Book experts.
  • Through our writing, speaking, networking and, or course the quality and impact of our Rethink Restaurants training programs, the reputation of our business is exceptional. We are seen as a catalyst, certainly in Boston, but also across the nation for the adoption of Foodservice Open-Book as the management strategy for the industry’s future: One that values and considers all the stakeholders, that creates Good Profit by educating and engaging entire teams, that creates healthy businesses providing secure skilled jobs, that pays livable wages for financially literate entrepreneurial staff members.
  • At Rethink Restaurants, we’ve grown our team significantly. We are known for our culture of appreciation, and the way we acknowledge and reward our own people is a constant example to our clients, as is our commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Our mantra “Foster Productive Disagreement” is understood as the challenge never to become complacent.
  • We have not neglected our strategic advising and operational consulting capacities, though they are now undertaken only as preparation for Open-Book adoption. Our team of consultants and subject matter experts are exceptional professionals focused on developing our clients’ culture, enhancing the service level of our clients, growing their teams and improving financial and operational performance. Not all businesses are ready to take on Open-Book, so this management consulting unit gets them prepared.

What's your vision for your business?