I very frequently have conversations with people thinking about opening a restaurant.  I enjoy these conversations.  I wish I could have had such a conversation in 1976, when I was starting Bel Canto!

At the close of these rambling conversations I like to ask “What was most useful to you here?”  read more

Good Profit and Bad

Our friend and mentor John Case coined the term Open-Book Management when he was an editor at Inc. magazine. He has written extensively about it for over twenty years. His thoughts about the ethics of Profit form a cornerstone of our work. This article on the topic is reprinted here with his read more


All Staff: As soon as you become aware of a guest whose satisfaction is “at risk,” no matter how trivial it seems, inform the Manager on Duty. This is called an “At Risk Report,” or “ARR.”

Here is how it works:

Any staff member can get the undivided attention of the MOD by saying “Arrrr” read more

Rethink Restaurants

The $2,800 Strawberries

As anyone who has worked with, managed or owned a restaurant can tell you, the business is very much a game of pennies.  Over the course of a year, a popular dish is prepared and served hundreds or even thousands of times. read more

a millennial management strategy by rethink restaurants

Empowering WE: A Millennial Management Strategy

If you’re involved in business or management, it’s likely that you’ve had a discussion recently about Millennials in the workplace.  To be sure, it’s a trendy topic and one that carries increasing importance as the demographics of the workforce shift.  I’ve seen managers strategize, lament read more

“How’s Everything Here?”

“How’s Everything Here?”

Our server’s perfunctory question, asked across her shoulder with her torso pointing where she was headed next, got the answer she was seeking: “Great, fine, all good.”

This ritual Ask-and-Answer does have a purpose: Were something missing or really, really wrong read more