Rethink & Cambridge Local First Host Intro to Restaurant Finance Seminar

We are thrilled to partner with a leading local alliance for independent businesses, Cambridge Local First, for the kickoff of our 2020 Seminar Series.  This year, the Rethink Seminar Series will offer numerous training sessions for Restaurant Operators and their teams, introducing core concepts from our Curriculum.

The first session will be delivered on January 14th at 2pm in partnership with Cambridge Local First, a network of over 400 independent businesses in Cambridge with a mission to Celebrate a Local Economy Community.

The training will be an Introduction to Restaurant Finance where attendees will learn how to read and analyze restaurant Profit and Loss statements and learn about common industry benchmarks for performance and profitability.  You can learn more about our curriculum or request notification of additional trainings here.

Registration and more information about the session can be found on their website.

Duration: 90 Minutes
Price: $25 for CLF members, $40 for non-members