Our Team

Who We Are

Our team of consultants and trainers come from various backgrounds and possess a variety of complementary skills.  We are, however, uniform in our care for our clients, our assertion that Open-Book Management is the way to constructively disrupt foodservice, and our conviction that the story and the solutions always reside in the numbers.  Our core team is made up of the partners below, though we also maintain an extensive network of financial and foodservice subject matter experts.

  • Henry Patterson of ReThink Restaurants

    Henry Patterson

    Senior Partner

    Henry is a 40-year veteran in the foodservice industry, the first 15 years as owner and operator of an award winning six location casual dining chain he founded in 1976. Since selling Bel Canto in 1991, Henry has consulted to a wide variety of industry participants ranging from the nation’s largest manufacturers to single location restaurateurs. His foodservice facility at Sanborn Court in Union Square, Somerville houses four exceptional restaurants, a cutting edge bar and a respected caterer, all owned and operated by visionary chef/entrepreneurs.

    As the Delta Foodservice Group leader, Henry brings a financial perspective to all aspects of the client’s business, often to improve top line as well as profitability and strengthening of investor and bank relations. He is uniquely focused on training his client’s management team to think financially regardless of their specific responsibility, and brings an educator’s approach to all of his work.

    When Henry learned about Open-Book Management and saw its implications for the foodservice industry, the first thing he did was recruit Joe Grafton to co-create the Rethink Restaurants program.

  • joe grafton of rethink restaurants

    Joe Grafton

    Managing Partner

    Joe is a passionate and engaging educator, providing financial education to our client’s teams at all levels. Joe is known for his strong facilitation skills, extensive background in management practices and philosophies, ability to connect with a variety of audiences and communicate financial information to non-financial personnel.

    Prior to joining DFG, Joe founded Somerville Local First and served as its Executive Director for its first six years. He helped to create, and now is an owner of Boston’s Together Festival. He has also worked as the Director of Development and Community Engagement of the American Independent Business Alliance. Joe has more than a decade of experience as a leader, technical service provider, speaker, facilitator and consultant for small businesses and nonprofits.

  • Jack Ludden of rethink restaurants

    Jack Ludden


    Jack brings over 10 years of experience in foodservice to his never-ending mission of streamlining operations. As the General Manager of Paris Creperie, he oversaw its highly profitable cafe and catering business, employing the Rethink Restaurants Open-Book strategy he helped to develop.   Along with skills honed under the mentorship of Henry Patterson, Jack uses his unique talents for finding cost savings in all areas to improve the bottom line.  His penchant for creating effective operations systems that prevent problems helps to create a business that runs with minimal stress.

    A previous career in IT makes Jack an expert in deploying cutting edge foodservice technology to improve all aspects of operations. Jack also brings a mentality of continuous improvement to both the guest and employee experience to ensure a healthy business as well as a healthy work environment.

  • Marisol Lazo-Flores

    Director of Learning and Development

    Marisol is passionate about continuous learning in the workplace, and is an avid advocate for both professional and personal growth. Marisol ensures that learning is aligned with an organization’s strategy and business needs. Her dedication to implementing learning strategies nourishes a strong learning culture, making an organization more competitive, agile and engaged.

    Marisol has a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in International Marketing. She loves working with people and has a deep appreciation for customer service. Prior to joining DFG, Marisol worked 7 years in the Retail space in General Management, Sales and Marketing. She has led several of her teams effectively during major transitions, executing extensive training programs. Marisol’s understanding of organizational behavior will make developing and engaging your talent fun and beneficial.

  • Nick Mallia


    Nick has been in the restaurant industry for over 15 years, as both an operational leader and hands on worker. Nick has been instrumental in building The Paris Creperie from a small, quick service restaurant from break-even into a thriving, profitable, and healthy community landmark in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner. Nick is also a director of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce, building community events as co-chair of the Programs Committee.
    As a Rethink Trainer, Nick has a unique ability to relate to restaurant staff, leveraging his dynamic personality and many years of industry experience to connect with and effectively train restaurant teams.
  • Lucy Valena


    Lucy is a creative entrepreneur based in Jamaica Plain. She is the former owner and operator of Voltage Coffee & Art, an award-winning coffeehouse and gallery located in the buzzing hive of Kendall Square. Although skills such as bookkeeping were originally acquired out of necessity, the secret stories the numbers tell gradually became a fascination in their own right. She holds a Masters in Gastronomy and is endlessly amazed by the role food plays in human culture. A working artist, Lucy also heads the initiative Bait/Switch and is co-founder of a tech startup. The implications of Open-Book Management thrill her, as she has experienced the frustration of the ‘traditional’ model and lives by the belief that the only sure way to predict the future is to invent it.