About ReThink

Align Your Team

Finding success in business is like planning any journey.  First, you need to figure out where you are, and then define where you’d like to be.  Once you start moving, it’s critical to measure and adjust your course to stay on track.

The RTR Growth Methodology is based on this concept.  We begin by giving you the tools needed to measure your business, gathering perspectives from your customers first and foremost, and also from your team and from your financials.  By merging the insights gained from these sources, you can choose your path forward with confidence.

Next, we help you to create a self-funding incentive structure for your employees that aligns them to the company’s mission, all working together to a common goal with the constant measurement and adjustment essential to the RTR process.

The metamorphosis that your business will experience is fun and exciting as well as profitable.  It will bring your staff together in a shared mission, with everyone knowing the score and enjoying winning as one unified team.

Let us help you grow.  We’re so confident in our process that our compensation is a function of your success.  In the initial phase, we don’t even invoice until you agree you’ve gotten value. After that our compensation is tied to your incentive plan, so we only win when you do. 

Please contact us so we can get to know your unique situation and see how we might help you.